BLACK UHURU - Marble Factory


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Grammy Award Winning Reggae Legends


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One of the world’s most recognised and prolific reggae groups, Black Uhuru, take to the stage at the Marble Factory in July.

Lead now by original member Derrick “Duckie” Simpson Andrew Bees, these legends have earned several achievements in the music industry including winning the first ever Grammy Award for reggae music.

Teaming up with drummer Sly Dunbar and bass player Robbie Shakespeare, together they developed a musical style full of deep bass thumps, sharp keys, long guitar riffs, echos and the signature “woh oh oh’s” creating their classic sound with hits like “I Love King Sellassie, “‘Shine Eye Gals”, “General Penitentiary” and “What is Life”.

Their long success along with having the highest reggae record sales after Bob Marley & the most songs sampled by other artist over the years has allowed them to become Ambassadors of reggae.


Created through the partnership of Bristol producer DJ Bunjy and MC Joe Peng, these two veterans of the jungle scene earned their stripes rocking the biggest sessions through the 90’s rave scene. As they’ve grown, their musical direction took a course that led them to seek out some of Bristol’s finest musicians. What started as a studio project became the acclaimed live act – Laid Blak.

MC Joe Peng shares front of stage with the vocal rocket launcher that is Flex.He has the voice and stage presence to grab any audience and devour them. The live set is centred in urban reggae, but touches on jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. No one ever forgets a Laid Blak performance; the charisma of the vocalists and the musical dexterity of the band leave a lasting impression. This is dance music aimed at getting you moving. The ‘good vibes’ shine through all the songs and they always steal the show at festivals, one review noting them as ‘the essential festival band’.

In Laid Blak’s journey so far they have supported heavyweights like Desmond Dekker, Nitin Sawhney, Julian Marley, John Legend and Luciano. They have lit up Glastonbury, Ashton Court Festival, In The City Urban events nationally and set the people dancing at Carnivals all over the UK. The head-nodding good groove of “Burnin”” is a highlight of the Tricky presents Brown Punk album and a glorious omen for the long-player to follow.

DUB PRINCESS Hotsteppas. A dynamic 7-piece band hailing from Bristol, having quickly gained momentum through working with the likes of Dub Princess, Errol Dunkley, Ashanti Selah, Donovan Kingjay, Blackout JA, and more. They have been collaborating with the visionary singer-songwriter Dub Princess. Together they have sparked a new flavour to an already established band in the Bristol scene. Over the past few years, Dub Princess has been writing new melodies & lyrics to Hotsteppas instrumentation and adding her original fire to the live set, resulting in an eclectic sound that has taken the Bristol music scene by storm

  • Date: Mon 22 Jul 24
  • Time: 19:00 - 23.00
  • Age Range: 14+